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Artist Feature - Ashley Renee Hoffman

Ashley Renee Hoffman is a collage artist living amongst mountains of magazines not unlike the Appalachian Mountains around her home. Her imagery is derived from vintage pornography, pop culture magazines, and encyclopedias procured from yard sales and thrift stores. Within these collages, the artist examines feminine ideals and pressures within social constructs, her love of women, and the detriment of the original woman, Mother Earth. Hoffman takes the nude form out of it's pornographic context to reclaim the capitalization and exploitation of female sexuality. This powerful imagery is juxtaposed with symbols of the natural and domestic world to inspire dialogue around important feminist and environmental issues.

"The relationship that humans cultivate with the natural world is both one of devastation and nurture. Mother Nature has the capacity to provide us with support, compassion and vital nutrients. It is essential to foster a healthy and balanced relationship with the Mother to cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. However, the detrimental ways in which humans relate to her through resource extraction, greed and physical abuse leaves us with an unhealthy environment and personal perspective. Just as abusive and apathetic relationships between humans lead to pain and suffering, such a relationship with Mother Nature leads to much of the same." - Ashley Renee Hoffman

Image: "Forrest Bathing" By Ashley Renee Hoffman

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