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Artist Blog: Michael Kopp - Process, Approach & Goals

My research analyzes the transmission and sociopolitical effects of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), employing the conceptual framework of glitch theory in contemporary queer art. Through various forms of data corruption and appropriation of found digital artifacts, my work confronts the seemingly innumerable stigmas and prejudices endured amongst the HIV positive community. My creative process includes examining and simulating the production of HIV in the human body, as well as using the virus itself as a medium for artistic expression. By approaching this series of work with the perspective of creation mirroring destruction, I have found a sort of ease in living with HIV.

I research sociopolitical, health, and transmission data of HIV. My home town, Louisville, Kentucky, is the seventh highest rated city in America for HIV transmission rates per capita. At large, this harrowing statistic is unascertained by the local government and at risk communities in the city, drastically perpetuating Louisville as an epicenter for transmission of HIV. It is my long term goal to curate a strong and politically activated community network and support system for the prodigiously growing HIV positive community through art and social activism.

Currently I am developing a Podcast series titled POZ+CAST, which is focused on discussing sex, love and loathing experiences with individuals living with HIV – post diagnosis. This most recent project began earlier this summer with interviews and testimonials from individuals living in the Ohio – Kentucky Midwest region. Through donations and proceeds from sales of my featured artwork at 1619 FLUX I plan to expand POZ+CAST on the national, and eventually global, scale.





“Microcosm 2”

By Michael Kopp

HIV Undetectable DNA Scanned Prints on Masonite

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