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Artist Blog: Bryan K. Holden "Rebuilding My Home"

Your home may be torn apart, but you can rebuild it.

When you enter the front door, you have made the first step. Look up and you will see a small light from above, then take each day and step with a guiding hand towards the light. One step may take longer than another, but have faith and learn from the journey and His guidance. As you climb higher, pause for a moment, look out the windows. You will see loving support from family and friends. Do not give up, the light is becoming brighter. Once you experience the transformation while rebuilding from the bottom to the top, then begin to spread the good word; to help others rebuild and rise to the top too. My father introduced me to art when I was very young. I learned about conceptual thought, creativity and superior craftsmanship from him. My father was my first mentor.

The sculpture entitled “Rebuilding My Home” illustrates that if you take one step at a time and allow guiding hands into your life, everyone is capable of personal revitalization and or revitalizing a material object. In 1995, when not many people seemed interested in the revitalization of my neighborhood of Portland in west Louisville, I purchased my building, which contains my artist studio. I have slowly revitalized my property in Portland over the years, and hopefully it has inspired others to do the same; to breathe new life into something old and forgotten.

"Rebuilding My Home" Copper and Aluminum Wire


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