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Artist Blog: Erik Nohalty "Divided We Fall"

This was one of the first images I took when embarking on this series. I knew the brick buildings throughout the neighborhoods were rough but solid, with many years of life left in them. I came upon this wall with metal fencing over the windows and it was perfect. The worn, strong facade is expressed though the graphite but the splash of colors represent the spirit of the area and residents within. I cropped the image and title the piece to connect with KY state flag and motto in an effort to expand these ideas beyond one neighborhood.

The series as a whole covers both broad views and very singular, personal relationships of Louisville neighborhoods. Growing up in the city I have always enjoyed the differences these areas have to offer. It was a perfect opportunity to share my optimism for the future in this artwork. Hopefully the ideas of progress and vitality come through and show the potential in every square foot of our city.

"Divided We Fall"

Powder graphite, silkscreen & acrylic on board 2017

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