Art Exhibitions

1619 Flux hosts three inclusive art exhibitions each year, displaying work from artists at all levels and across disciplines. We view art as a community-building tool and a platform for bringing diverse people together. We provide opportunities for the public to interact with the artists and to learn more about how and why art is created.

Fran Huettig Public Art Series

The Fran Huettig Public Art Series was created in 2015 in partnership with Fund for the Arts and Louisville Metro Government. Each year, an artist is chosen by committee to create public art in one of Louisville’s west end neighborhoods. In the spirit of the late Fran Huettig (a long-time Fund for the Arts employee and aunt of 1619 Flux founder Kara Nichols), the chosen artist works collaboratively with residents to develop the public art piece.

Colin's Voice

Colin’s Voice program, in partnership with Elevator Artist Resource, aims to provide emerging and established local artists with financial resources to support their goals and artistic practice through direct funding. This program puts capital directly into the hands of artists and creatives via direct micro-grant funding social events.

Flux In Focus

Flux in Focus is a monthly film and discussion series which uses Black centered films from 1969 to 1997 as a way to explore relevant topics and foster change in ourselves and in our community.

Public Space Revitalization

Using the model shaped by the revitalization of 1619 West Main street into 1619 Flux: Art + Activism, we will continue transforming additional spaces in Louisville’s west end neighborhoods. Driven by the issue of concentrated vacant lots and abandoned structures in surrounding areas, 1619 Flux will continue to create useful public spaces that bring the community together. This effort will be bolstered through partnerships with Louisville Forward, neighborhood organizations, and local property investors allowing for maximum impact.