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1619 Flux will be accepting applications for artist representation for the 2020 calendar year. Applications will remain open, and artists will be notified on a rolling basis. 


1619 Flux is committed to supporting diversity and economic stimulus through the arts and creative placemaking. Artists represented by Flux502 will have their artwork displayed at any one of the various Flux locations. These include: the gallery located at 1619 W Main St., 1718 Flux located at 1718 W Jefferson St., and Opportunity Corner located on the corner 18th & Magazine St. All artwork submitted must be labeled “For Sale.” As artwork is sold, new work will be installed in its place.


Upon acceptance for artist representation, the following responsibilities will be met by both 1619 Flux and the artist(s):


1619 Flux agrees to:

-   Provide gallery and representation space for: artwork, opening/closing receptions, and open hours.

-   Assist is retail pricing of artwork, upon request.

-   Handle all art sales and retain a 40% commission on all works sold.

-   Will provide promotional materials for exhibitions and artwork via: social media outlets, the Flux502 website, and our online store.


Artist(s) agree to:

-   Provide accurate and high definition quality images in application for each artwork to be exhibited. If image quality is poor or not high definition, Flux retains the right to not exhibit the submitted work.

-   Will deliver/pick up artwork at agreed upon time and location.

-   Will ensure artwork to be in Flux locations for the entirety of the agreed upon exhibition/representation duration.

-   Will be present at the opening/closing reception.

Exhibition Application
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Please CLICK HERE to submit 4 digital images (JPG, PDF, TIFF) of artwork you would like to submit for exhibition/representation. If applying for a [solo] exhibition, the selected images should be representative of the totality of the body of work being submitted for exhibition, and should visually – and cohesively – explain your proposal. Image quality must be high definition. Your application will not be processed without ALL of the above information.